3 things you should know before you start your online conferencing

In Australia, making a conference call can be a very easy process if you have got the right technical staff or service providers, with you. There are many companies and service offerers that offer cheap conference calls and web conferencing as well as teleconferencing or phone conferencing facilities. These facilities are fully designed and well equipped to give you the exact sort of support and help that anyone may need to get while conducting a conference call for the first time. But whether or not you have knowledge regarding all things about how to set up a conference call and conducting a conference call or how well you know phone conferencing or teleconference, you should be aware of the following important things:

You should avoid putting your phone on hold, especially for a long period of time. This practice is one of the most common mistakes. You should consider all the attendees like they are with you. Holding up your phone may cause a discontinued contact or an unsuccessful conference and may lead to the lack of interest from the attendees. So, in order to make sure your participants remain connected and active via a conference call or online meeting, you will have to keep your call active for as long as you want to continue the conversation.

It is better to get familiar with the features and all the processes before you actually start your teleconferencing session. You must know the operations and set up including volume control, integration options, recording procedure as well as troubleshooting minor issues with the help of the support team by informing them in time.the best option is to have a conference call free trial so that there is nothing that you don’t know.

Thirdly, if you are the host, you will have to arrive earlier as compared to the participants. Arriving early is the best practice as this will allow you to set all things properly and integrate the conferencing equipment and make it ready for the attendees and to make a smooth conference call that has no loops or flaws in it.


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