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Green Coffee Bean Extract Makes Dieting Much Easier

It’s unfortunate, but a fact of life – Finding a weight loss supplement that works as well as advertised, such as green coffee bean extract, can be a challenge. We have come across only a handful we’d recommend, most of which you can learn about at www.alivebynature.org. The industry is brimming with every type of diet pill you could imagine. Choosing which one would be best for situation is only the first step. Then you have to sift through the countless suppliers and brands to find someone reputable selling a quality product you can count on. It isn’t easy most of the time, which is why we very much appreciate the hard work Alive puts into gathering reliable information. You can find a ton of diet and weight loss news and research.

About Green Coffee Extract

This supplement started gaining in popularity in 2012 when it hit big-time media shows like Dr. Oz. People were amazed at the possibility to lose weight without even putting in any effort to do so. On top of that, they were saying that there are absolutely no side effects. Sounds like a dream come true to many of us, right? But what exactly is in this pill?

It’s made from green coffee beans – beans that have yet to be introduced to the roasting process. The compound in these beans, which has become almost a household name, is chlorogenic acid. It’s this acid that makes the extract so powerful. It’s what forces your body to start losing weight even if you don’t diet or exercise.

Of course, we aren’t recommending not to eat right or get in some exercise as often as you can. We all know that’s the healthiest way to get in shape and improve your overall health. But it isn’t required when you use this extract. It works either way. But if you were to do that, then the amount of weight you lose and the amount of fat you burn could easily be tripled.

Chlorogenic acid basically slows down the absorption of sugars into your body. This allows your body more time to burn it off through energy instead of storing it and creating more fat. It has also been shown many times to reduce hunger, so you’re not eating as much. Other benefits that have been noted are an improvement in your mood and even cortisol levels.

Studies Shove Supplement into the Lime Light

In 2012, the well known Dr. Oz with a mad-loyal following of viewers featured green coffee extract on his show. He raved about how this new extract could possibly be one of the best discoveries they’ve ever made for people wanting to burn fat faster.

Dr. Joe Vinson both a professor and chemist at the University of Scranton and was the one who led a study on the extract that sparked much of the attention it received.

In the study, participants were put into smaller separate groups and put on a schedule so to say. One group would be given a placebo, while other groups received either a high dosage or low dosage of the extract. Then there’d be a two week break. At the end of those two weeks, the groups would start again, but the dosage amount and placebo would be given to different groups. The result? They lost about ten percent of their body weight over 22 weeks, without making any changes to their lifestyle.

Dr. Oz heard about this study and brought naturopathid doctor Lindsey Duncan onto the show to talk about it. While he said recommending diet pills is not something he would normally do, green coffee extract was an exception.

Then, not too long after that original show featuring the supplement, Dr. Oz did his own study with 100 women over two weeks. Again, the women who were given the extract lost twice as much weight as the women who were given a placebo. Some even reported they’d lost a couple of dress sizes in that short span of two weeks.

So we think its needless to say – if dieting is something that never seems to work out for you then you should definitely give green coffee bean extract a closer look. It’s proven time and time again to work. It’s natural and safe. The effects haven’t been tested on children though, so children, pregnant women and women nursing probably shouldn’t risk taking it. And as always, if you have a medical condition then talk to your doctor first.

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